Secrets of physiognomy: What fate hides your face?

All your life is seen on your face. Physiognomy – the skill that was first used by the Chinese to discover all about one person – you, who you are, what you think and feel, what can be expected of you. Small eyes indicate a character that is decisive, small eyes have people who are very aggressive, blinded. Big eyes speak of a personality-sensitive, delicate and mild character. The loose eyelid is a sign of physical strength. Swollen and red talk about problems with the kidneys, intestines, spleen, and liver. Eyes lashed out from outside reveal sensitive people

  1. Round face

People with a round face are worthy, reasonable, but impulsivity often leads to misconceptions. They are brave, but as soon as they encounter obstacles, they quit. They like comfort and luxury, they are good hosts, real cheerleaders. Easy to plan and quickly get angry. They are excellent merchants, created for jobs that require eloquence.

  1. Triangular face

The triangular face reveals people of a quirky character, those who quickly think and have a good memory. They are lying, cunning and like to make fun of others. They are very resourceful and always ready to talk. They cover the set with superficial cheerfulness. They are more theoreticians than practitioners. They love freedom, do not obey any stigma They like to criticize others because they often have many enemies.

  1. The square face shape

A quarter-face has dynamic, basic and intelligent people. They are good thinkers, they like to plan and are very skilled in solving the problem. They are materialists. Their minds are in the heart with them. They are selfish and rarely when they come for feelings. They do not know for mercy and pity. Among them, there are many scientists, inventors, and businessmen.

  1. Long face shape

People with a long face are very lively and active. They are very demanding and difficult to satisfy. They are crazy and ludicrous. They start everything, and they do not finish anything. They are often fragile, childish, lazy, cunning and lying. They are usually dreamers and idealists. They find themselves breaking their promises. They are very nervous.

  1. Heart shaped face

Practicality and intelligence are characteristic of people with a heart-shaped face. They are very cunning, but they vehemently conceal it by false naivety. They like to eat, but they’re pretty scarce. They are lazy and sometimes they can be very greedy. They are good with numbers, so there are many accountants and bankers among them.

Mixed face shapes

  1. Round triangular face

People of this kind of face quickly think they are great optimists, they have a lot of self-confidence and a humorous sense of humor. In addition, they are very intelligent and difficult to pamper them.

  1. Triangular square face

A triangular square face reveals versatile people with lush imagination. They quickly learn and quickly implement every idea very quickly.

  1. A square round face

Active, cheerful and benevolent people have this face. They always look at their interests, they are somewhat stubborn and very busy.